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Increasing the quality, we have been proceeding the quality to reach strategic targets for a long time. We know that success comes from power. Esteeming to human is the most important power element and it comes first in our firm policy.

Reaching strategic targets more rapidly depends on workers who have high motivition and their harmony as a team.

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    Green Bursa

    You can trace Bursa's beginnings back to the legend of Solomon and the Queen of sheba,to its foundation in the name of king Prusias,(whom Hannibal,commonder of Carthage,served) or if you prefer even as far back as Olympos.

    How ever it is obvious that the city of Bursa really acquired an identity of its own at the beninning of the Ottoman period; the conquest of the city by Orhan Ghazi transformed Bursa from a city ruled from 1071 onw ards,the mosque formed the nucleus of Anatolian cities and the bazaar also influenced the fabric of the city.

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